Our Founder

Robin started singing as a little girl for devotion at her mother’s  revival services and in church. “When your mom is the minister, you  don’t have a choice”. It was her parents who sparked her musical  interest. Her dad had a passion for traditional and contemporary  jazz as well as big band swing, and her mom pushed gospel and  inspirational music. Together, Robin developed a love for these  two genres more than any other.


 She is a graduate of The Fort Valley State College where her talent  was nurtured and requested highly. After winning several talent  competitions there, people started noticing that this young lady  had talent. She joined her first band in 1988. The Darren Winters  Ensemble displayed a huge array of different music styles and this  was something that sparked Robin’s interest in singing more than  one type of music. She is no stranger to R & B, Rap, Country  Western, and other alternative genres. She is heavily influenced by  her idols Phyliss Hyman, Layla Hathaway, Oleta Adams, The Clark  Sisters, Kim Burrell, Maysa, and Jennifer Holiday.


 Even with all this, Robin couldn’t (and wouldn’t) escape her  gospel heritage. She started working as a choir director in Warner  Robins, Georgia at the age of 19 and has continued to share her  views on gospel music as well as teaching it with several  denominational churches. “It gives me such a rush when gospel  music is sang and ministered with passion”. She continues to do this  same type of work, as she is the current Music Director of a  prominent Baptist church in Lithonia, Ga.


Currently, Robin is the lead vocalist for her band "Robin Latimore and the Bad Boys". She has recently shared the stage with jazz greats Johnathan Butler, Maysa, Rachelle Ferrell, Michael Franks, Phil Perry, and Jeff Lorber. As exciting as that was, she anxiously awaits the release of her upcoming CD project. This project has an anticipated release of late Summer 2015.


With her already hectic schedule, she continues to flourish her self-made business, Robin’s Singing Telegrams of Atlanta. “This business will always be my baby. The looks of disbelief, the tears, and the shock of the whole experience makes me want to do this forever!”

Our Vision

It is the vision of the Robin Latimore Foundation to see cancer eradicated – a world free of the pain and suffering of this disease. Until that happens, we strive to minimize the negative impact cancer has on patients, their families and caregivers. We envision that each family affected by this disease will see themselves as victorious. They will know that they are supported, encouraged and empowered, and that our community rallies behind them. The Robin Latimore Foundation will celebrate their triumph over adversity and their victory over

Our Mission

The Robin Latimore Foundation was birthed from a chance encounter. After reuniting with a college roommate, Atlanta vocalist Robin Latimore soon discovered that her friend’s bald head was due to cancer treatments. Always someone who ate right, boasted a healthy physique and looked the picture health, her friend shared that she was battling breast cancer.


That’s when Latimore realized that cancer has no respect of person, age or lifestyle. She educated herself and committed to educating others. From her desire to increase awareness and preventive measures, Latimore launched a musical extravaganza to reach the masses with her message of knowledge and support.

“If during one of my shows at least one person learns how to become more aware of what's going on with their body and preventive measures to stop cancer before it spreads, then I'm happy,” says Latimore. “But it's my endeavor to reach the masses and be a source of support for those survivors who may be having financial difficulties due to the extraordinary cost of medicines, doctor visits, special foods, etc.”


From that simple chance encounter sprang the Robin Latimore Foundation, a nonprofit that strives to provide scholarships and stipends to assist and celebrate cancer survivors and their family and friends. The mission of the Robin Latimore Foundation is to provide scholarships and stipends to cancer survivors, caregivers and children. Stipends will assist survivors in transitioning back into everyday life following treatment and enable caregivers to continue assisting them in their daily wellness journey. Scholarships will be provided annually to further the education of students who are undergoing treatment or who have a parent undergoing treatment. We accomplish this mission through community outreach, awareness campaigns and special events.

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