Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarship Guidelines


1. Must be a graduating senior with an acceptance to a college/university.


2. Must submit college acceptance letter once received


3. Must submit a history of medical condition and doctors' contact information as to how we can verify it.


4. We must be allowed to use students' pictures on social media, website, and flyers, as well as be allowed to tell the story of their diagnosis to audiences and patrons.


5. Must submit a one page essay as to why they wish to continue their education, what is the potential major, and what school will they most likely be attending.


Entries must be submitted for the graduating school year at least 7 months before graduation date. If acceptance letter is not been received, we must have it by March of the graduating year. Awards are given at either graduation, school awards day, or recipient's church. Please send entries to:


The Robin Latimore Foundation

113 Silver Mine Trail

Austell, Ga. 30168

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